Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Religious Classes are designed to help the children develop the confidence to:
Susan Galle Boyko w RE children at service_edited-1

  • Observe, analyze, and discover truth without relying on the opinions of others.
  • Form healthy and safe relationships.
  • Favor love, curiosity, reverence, and empathy.
  • Express their own voice with confidence.
  • Add value to every encounter and every group of which they are a part.

March Themes

Special Note – From the Director of Religious Education: For this upcoming Sunday’s school aged RE lesson I am going to discuss gender norms. I wanted to let parents know that if inclined, you are welcome to sit in on our class this Sunday. Topics will include gender norms, how they have changed in the 21st century, and what it means to be a transgender person.

March 5:  Abby Texter will host a lesson on our theme Mind, Body, and Spirit, assisted by Melanie Hetzel-Riggin and Susan Galle-Boyko.

March 12:  Lynne Brown will will host a lesson on our theme, Mind, Body, and Spirit assisted by Deb Haire and Susan Galle-Boyko.

March 19:  Susan Galle-Boyko and Kat Wolper present part two of our music lesson in preparation for our April Multigenerational Earth Day Service with guest musician Willow Hurlburt. Melanie Hetzel-Riggin and John Galle-Boyko will continue Unit 6 lesson with the Coming of Age youth.

March 26: Roberta McCall, Edie Cultu, and Diane Guthrie will host a lesson on our theme Mind, Body, and Spirit in the school age classroom.