Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Religious Classes are designed to help the children develop the confidence to:
Susan Galle Boyko w RE children at service_edited-1

  • Observe, analyze, and discover truth without relying on the opinions of others.
  • Form healthy and safe relationships.
  • Favor love, curiosity, reverence, and empathy.
  • Express their own voice with confidence.
  • Add value to every encounter and every group of which they are a part.


Our new UUCE Religious Education school year will begin with Registration Sunday on the Multigenerational Water Communion Sunday (September 9, 2018).

Although there are no classes that day, this is a wonderful service for us to reconnect as a community and share our stories from summer break.

Our first classes will run September 16, 2018 and it is VERY IMPORTANT that all families and teachers attend this Sunday.


Memories from 2018 Spring:

Thank you everyone for your contributions to the children’s fundraiser for EARS: The Erie Area Rabbit and Rescue Society.

In January, we successfully collected TWO TRUNKLOADS of newspapers!
In February, we successfully collected over 6 feet tall of 12 packs of paper towel rolls!
For March, we will be collecting 30 gallon black garbage bags. Last chance for you to make your donations to this worthy program!

The children and the buns appreciate the congregation’s support in our endeavors to keep the rabbits “hoppy” and well-cared for! Trivia Question: Which color rabbit is the least likely to be adopted? Find an elementary aged child, and with parent permission, ask them for the answer to this question.

Monetary donations for EARS are due to Susan Galle-Boyko by Sunday, March 4, 2018. Checks can be made payable to UUCE with “EARS FUNDRAISER” in the memo line. If you or your child raised $25 each for the shelter, 100% of your donation will be given to the shelter. Please see Susan to let her know your shirt size and color selection. Shirts are thank you gifts from our RE program to you for your monetary donation, and NONE of your donated money pays for the shirts. As we wind down our program in May, we look forward to a final visit from our bunny friends!

In April we look forward to celebrating Earth Day with you on Sunday, April 22. Please make sure your middle school and elementary aged children are attending ALL APRIL CLASSES for our liturgy preparations.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of fun things planned for March, of course! Included in the “March Madness”, the middle school and high school programs take turns with coffee hour service learning. Please keep in mind that we have children with various allergies to nuts, pineapple, and gluten. Program-family donations that you and your child can supply on their designated coffee-hour day include fruit, cheese, gluten-free crackers, and gluten-free salsa and chips. You are more than welcome to supply any item for your coffee hour donation as long as it is marked with a list of ingredients.

Finally for our teen program, they will be working in May on their June liturgy service to share with you all that they have learned in their program. Mary Desmone and John Galle-Boyko will keep you and your teen posted on this event.

Peace and Blessings, Susan Galle-Boyko