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Celebrations of Life and Memorials

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The grief associated with death is a universal emotion.  When a loved one dies friends and relatives may look to memorial services for solace and meaning.Unitarian Universalist memorial services include rituals, stories, tears and often laughter.  We recall the life of the deceased as they lived it.  We remember them as a whole individual.  While family members and friends may hold different beliefs on the nature of the soul, we all share a wish to honor the departed, with gratitude for the connections we shared. The Celebration of Life is intended to provide a joyful tribute to the life of the loved one, even in a time of grief.

Memorial gatherings can also occur months or years after a death.  These may include prayers, rituals and reminiscences.  

Rev. Church presides over each Celebration of Life, and will work with the family of the departed to ensure that the memorial service honors their loved one appropriately and lovingly. These services are free for members of the congregation. Please call the congregation for information about fees to reserve the sanctuary and/or Olympia Brown room for a memorial to honor your loved one.


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