Our monthly newsletter The Beacon is an informative and visually vibrant compendium of the upcoming events and newsworthy happenings in and around the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie. The Beacon is presented with a listing of our Sunday service descriptions for the month on the front page and a monthly calendar of events at the end. In between, you will find articles written by congregation leaders, notices of significant events in the life of our congregation, ways to become involved in causes and social responsibility projects, and community events of interest to our congregation. Our editor, Joanne Davis, ensures that all content is included, and works hard to make sure The Beacon is presented in an inviting and pleasing way. Most congregants receive The Beacon via email in the form of a PDF file which is easily readable on any device, but we also mail copies to people without email. For anyone who wishes to pick up a copy, there are a number of copies available in the literature rack outside the sanctuary.

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