Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Religious Classes are designed to help the children develop the confidence to:
Susan Galle Boyko w RE children at service_edited-1

  • Observe, analyze, and discover truth without relying on the opinions of others.
  • Form healthy and safe relationships.
  • Favor love, curiosity, reverence, and empathy.
  • Express their own voice with confidence.
  • Add value to every encounter and every group of which they are a part.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.  ~Neil Postman

Summer vacation has been observed during July and August.   New Director of Children’s Education Candace Williams  relates her plans and hopes for the 2019-2020 year: 

Hello! I am very excited to be taking over the children’s RE program and
hope to make it something we can all be proud of. In order to do that, I need
your help! If we want our UU church in Erie to thrive, we need to invest time and energy into our youth. I also encourage you to reach out to those who have relatives or friends with children to let them know about our religious education and introduce them to the programs we will be starting.

This year we will be following the curriculum developed by the UUA for both the elementary and middle school youth. The Religious Education
Committee has selected Signs of Our Faith: Being UU Everyday from the
Tapestry of Faith curricula for the elementary class. The Signs of Our Faith
curricula will educate our youth to recognize many of the signs and rituals
found within the UU religion. This program also guides children to do their
best to live faithful lives every day. It presents fourteen traits or values that
most Unitarian Universalists love, including the quest for knowledge,
reverence for life, supporting one another on our faith journeys, and public
witness. By learning the traits and values we hold dear, the children will be
able to relate them to their daily lives.

The middle school will be participating in a program called Heeding the Call, also developed by the UUA, which will focus on exploring qualities that help us create a better world and experience how those qualities are reflected in our lives. Heeding the Call is a social justice curriculum that not only explores linked oppressions in our society, but also encourages personal growth in values that counteract the marginalization of others. They will then be encouraged to grow these qualities and use them in the world. If you would like to take a look at the curriculum, you can find the elementary program at

and the middle school program is at

In addition to this new curricula, we have also decided to dedicate part of the month to a social justice issue that will be determined by each class. The
elementary will participate in several different projects over the course of the year while the middle school youth will identify, develop and implement their own social justice project that will focus on a local issue.

The children will also be presenting what they are working on to the congregation at regular intervals, so please ask them about their projects and what they have been working on in their classes. This helps to promote their sense of being a part of our congregation and develops their leadership skills.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and you already have clearances, let me know so I can put you on the schedule! If you don’t currently have clearances, please consider joining us! This program depends on volunteers like you and due to the new curricula, won’t require too much of your time because it is all planned out for us.

If there is a specific issue you would like to help with, have suggestions or
have thought of something you think would be a useful addition to our
program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you!
~Candace Williams