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Our Board of Trustees

The UUCE mission is to be a vibrant and inclusive religious community.

We INSPIRE personal and spiritual growth. We CONNECT in fellowship and service. We ACT for Peace and Justice

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Leigh Kostis, President

Leigh has been a member of the UU Erie Congregation for 38 years and is currently serving as the President of the Board of Trustees. She came to Unitarian Universalism when she returned to her hometown of Erie with her young son and was looking for a liberal religious home. She has been the long time chair of the Membership Committee, has served as the cochair of the Stewardship Campaign for a number of years, and has been involved in many other committees and projects. Leigh is grateful for the opportunities for personal growth and community involvement that the congregation has provided over the years. She loves the spirit of inclusion, as well as open dialogue and belief that Unitarian Universalism promotes.

Annette Krusewicz, Vice President

Annette has lived in Erie since 1980, and raised her three children in our community. She’s been a Unitarian Univeralist for almost 15 years, serving in just about every area of our congregation! Annette is currently our Board of Trustees Vice President as well as chair of the Caring and Hospitality Committees. She’s also an AV goddess who helps us just about every Sunday to produce our online Zoom services. She loves the South and visits her grandchildren there as often as possible!

Linda Graff, Secretary

I moved to Erie after living for over 30 years in Northern Virginia. I felt an immediate sense of community that I never felt in the busy metropolis that I had lived in. I also quickly became aware of the poverty and inequity I saw in the city. Following the death of George Floyd my eyes were truly opened to the world that we live in. I began searching for ways that I could help out and make a difference. I found UUCE in 2020, which is ironic since I was married in this very church in 1987. UUCE provides a place to get involved with other like-minded individuals and explore social justice and spiritual issues.

Since joining UUCE I have helped host hospitality coffee hours to meet others in the church. I am active on the Social Justice Committee and serve as the Economic Justice lead. My particular focus is on public school funding and equity for all students. This led me to run for Erie School Board. I joined the UUCE Board in 2022 and became Secretary shortly thereafter. My real passion is organizing and I like to bring that passion to help out where I can.

I never thought I would be part of another church, being an atheist, but the Unitarian Universalist has provided a community that I didn’t even know I was missing. It truly is a place for all.

Greg Blackman

Greg moved to Erie from Pittsburgh in 2019. Now retired, he has been a beekeeper, a journalist, a photography teacher and more. He enjoys spending time at Presque Isle and with his kids. 


Tabitha moved to Erie in 2020 during the height of COVID-19, in the midst of a dark night of the soul. She looked inside and found an emptiness that could not be ignored. After researching a myriad of spiritual traditions and finding Unitarian Universalism aligned with much of her own intuitive understanding of the Divine, she found the UUCE and started attending virtually. When the sanctuary reopened, she summoned her courage and chose to open herself to new people and perspectives, becoming a member in 2022. 

Since then, she has volunteered in a variety of capacities and currently finds satisfaction in serving on the Sunday Services Committee. As a spiritual seeker, she finds nourishment in quiet moments of reflection, the gentle sounds of nature, and coming together in covenant with a group of charming and compassionate people who truly care about their congregation and the world around them. As a human, she finds joy in time spent with family and friends, road trips, the first cup of coffee, passionate discussions, and books she can’t put down. Although not always successful, she tries to find strength in vulnerability and to live her life with an open heart.”

Michael Long

Michael Long joined the UUCE in 2020, after being involved in Erie Atheists and Agnostics–which meets at our building–since 2012.  He is a vegan with a background and interest in philosophy.  He currently works as a teacher.


Nanci Lorei

Friends invited me to visit UUCE in the mid 1980’s.  Having grown up largely unchurched, I was surprised to find a faith home that fit so well for me.  It didn’t take long to know I had found my tribe.  My husband Pat and I joined UUCE in 1989 and raised our son in the Congregation. This liberal faith community where I am called to live our principles has enriched my life beyond measure and connected me to some of my very favorite people. 

I have served on most every committee and in many roles at UUCE including twice as Board of Trustees president, each time for two years and currently as chair of the Finance, Communications and Aesthetics committees and am active on the tech team. 

Diane Guthrie, Treasurer 

Diane moved to the area in 2002 and was pleased to find this welcoming and active congregation.  Through the years she has been involved with Hospitality, Pledge campaigns, RE, Corn Roast, the technical team for the service and she has served on the Board.  She now spends time with Memory Cafe, the Finance team, and the Service Auction.