Topic: UUCE

UU’s On Their Paths

What were the challenges and reassurances in the lives of earlier Unitarians and Universalists?   Did they journey as we journey today?  How did they view God, or god, or not?

March 26 Living our Bond of Union

Speaker:  Janet Krack
The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie has a been a modest but significant voice in our town since it was founded as The First Unitarian Society in 1898.  Janet Krack, a third generation Unitarian and life-long member of our congregation, … read more.

March 19 From Whence We Come

The arc of our faith is marked by the prophetic words and actions of courageous men and women. Their stories resonate with the kind of courage and determination that we can draw upon today. Also, pledge return Sunday!

Musician: Jackson Froman.

In the … read more.

Honoring Our Own

Do you want to know what keeps our Welcoming Congregation viable? This service will delve into the infrastructure that’s too often taken for granted. We’ll gratefully acknowledge the myriad volunteers whose caring contributions sustain our liberal religious community.