Topic: Unitarianism and Universalism

Postponed: March 29 UUSC Sunday

UUSC Sunday is a single day of learning, support, and action for                     congregations focused on a single area of UUSC’s work. UUSC Sunday (also known as Justice Sunday) complements and continues Guest at Your Table, which offers congregations a broader look at UUSC’s mission and … read more.

March 8 – Becoming Universalist

Once you realize that God is Love, you see that Beloved Community is  possible.  The Universalists knew this during the oppressive 1700’s and still know it today.  Musician:  Jackson Froman. Return Your Pledge Sunday! 

UU’s On Their Paths

What were the challenges and reassurances in the lives of earlier Unitarians and Universalists?   Did they journey as we journey today?  How did they view God, or god, or not?