Topic: Positivity

June 2 Intimacy, Housework, and Art

Suzanne Proulx is on the art faculty at Edinboro University and she exhibits her work nationally. She challenges herself with using non-traditional materials, creating cow skulls out of milk jugs, casting her children’s hands in soap, turning literal dust bunnies into rabbit sculptures, and painstakingly … read more.

March 24 East Africa: A Study in Positive Thinking

Kelly Armor likes to say she went to study traditional music in East Africa because she was “a frustrated classical flute player looking for an alternative.” She lived with families in Kenya and Tanzania from 1986-1988 and learned the songs, culture,  and the Swahili language.  … read more.

March 17 At Least There Are No Snakes

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also the end of winter, and, this being Erie, it will probably be snowing.  Let’s talk about compromise and perfectionism, and celebrating the small victories of life.  With Jackson and the Choir! 

March 10 Flowers in the Ruins

Finding hope in the worst of circumstances is an expression of faith.  Let’s ask what the role of roses in winter really is and how community can help us find the positive together. Jackson plays.  

February 10 Open Your Hearts

St. Valentine’s Day is advertised as a day for love between two people… spouses, perhaps other relatives. When I was in elementary school we would make valentines for everybody in the class, whether we liked them or not. How wide can you open your heart … read more.