Topic: Moral practices

September 1 Salute to Labor

Service Coordinator: Regis Sabol                                                              

Join us as we celebrate the contributions working men and women have made to making America great and remind ourselves that attacks on the dignity of labor threaten those hard-fought gains.  Doug Michali will talk to us about “UE … read more.

November 25 Hope for the Homeless

Is homelessness a choice? Is panhandling wrong? Does it intrude? Should we give, or are we taken advantage of? How should we act? Dr. Cristopher Taylor, director of The Upper Room of Erie, will share his thoughts. Leigh Kostis, Service Coordinator. Musician: Jackson Froman

November 12 An Abundance of Blessings

There is an old saying that goes something like: “The butterfly counts not days, but moments, and has time enough.” Those lines call us to search out and cherish today’s blessings. This morning’s service will celebrate those blessings – large and small. … read more.