Topic: Economic Justice

September 5, 2021 – Putting “Labor” Back in Labor Day

Bob Guthrie will read a moving homily by  Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He describes growing up in poverty and how unions bring fair wages to many, but not all, workers, then and now.

September 1 Salute to Labor

Service Coordinator: Regis Sabol                                                              

Join us as we celebrate the contributions working men and women have made to making America great and remind ourselves that attacks on the dignity of labor threaten those hard-fought gains.  Doug Michali will talk to us about “UE … read more.

August 13 Income Inequality Workshop

Guest Speaker: Kate Koehle

Workshop communities like ours need to take control in order to shape our town into a safe and successful environment. There are two ways we can do this, people power and money power. Erie County United is building people power … read more.

January 29: East Side Awakening

East Side Awakening Lora Caldwell
Worship Associate: Tom Schlaudecker
Lora Caldwell, UUCE member and staff member of the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network, will share her insights and experiences with their project on the east side of Erie. She will show … read more.

A Road Well Travelled

We will take a look at the importance of maintaining a trauma-informed route as we assist others traveling down life’s highway towards social and economic justice. Coordinated by Tammie Johnson. Rev. Beth will not be in the pulpit this morning, but will be spending the … read more.