Topic: Courage

July 14 Life in a Cult

Barbara Winner, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown, NY, will share her experiences. As Barbara writes, “To those on the outside, the religion I was a member of for 40 years seems like nothing more than a group of people with some … read more.

October 28 Unafraid

Tyler Titus won his Erie School Board seat to become the first openly transgender person ever elected in Pennsylvania. Service Coordinator: Annette Krusewicz.

October 21 Trust and Verification

In a society where trust has been violated, you can’t simply say “oops!” How do we go forward, building trust in our institutions and each other? Come, hear the choir sing! Make sandwiches after the service!

June 24 Do the Genes Still Fit?   

The array of human genes selected thousands of years ago enabled our ancestral clans to survive alongside wooly mammoths and giant cave bears.   Are we adapted for a global society and technological threats? Musicians: James Pearson and Hannah Olanrewaju.

April 30 It’s Your Turn

Speaker: Michael Outlaw

What will your response be when you have to go against your norm(s)? Everyday we make decisions, some more impactful than others, but there comes a time when the right decision is not favorable, but needs to be made. … read more.

April 16 The Courage to Rise

Speaker: Rev. Beth Marshall

In a season marked by rebirth in many forms, this morning’s service will explore the familiar and primitive pull toward reinvention, rebirth and a new beginning .
Musician: Jackson Froman.