Topic: Compassion

May 20 Life on the Margins

In Fr. Gregory Boyle’s new book, Barking to the Choir, he invites us to “find kinship with one another and reconvinces us all of our own goodness.”
We will recognize our Religious Education teachers this morning.

Musician: Jackson Froman.

December 17 Stages of Santa

What happens when we take a very familiar seasonal story and look at it through different sets of eyes, from different stages of spiritual development, deepening our understanding as gain experience and wisdom?

Musician: Jackson Froman.

December 10 Windows on Compassion

This morning’s service draws upon lesser-known holiday stories that touch the heart and speak to the transforming power of love and compassion, which are key elements in any message of the holiday season.

Musician: Jackson Froman.

“Pity Us Poor Immigrants”

Guest speaker Dr. Regis T. Sabol. America is a nation of immigrants. The Statue of Liberty declares, Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. As political demagogues inflame the xeno-phobic fires of hatred, fear and mistrust, Regis explores … read more.

“Compassion and Caring”

Guest speaker Bob Rhodes. We all have transformative moments of both giving and receiving–listening to someone for their sake, hugging a friend or child, feeling and sharing someone else’s suffer-ing. Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Yet, another part of caring is knowing … read more.

“Orange is the New Black”

Speaker John Hargreaves has worked in the corrections field for 35 years, running a group home for alcoholics and an Outward Bound type program for juvenile delinquents, and serving as a Juvenile Court consultant. For almost a decade, he has been Director of Volunteers for … read more.