Topic: Compassion

July 14 Life in a Cult

Barbara Winner, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown, NY, will share her experiences. As Barbara writes, “To those on the outside, the religion I was a member of for 40 years seems like nothing more than a group of people with some … read more.

June 23 The Morrigan Project

Whether seemingly minor or major, all grief needs recognition and   community and processing time to be productively integrated into our human experience and our personal growth. The Morrigan Project is a process for working in community through movement art to express and transform grief, … read more.

February 17 We Drew a Circle

This month’s theme, “Inclusion” is bigger than acceptance, bigger than welcome. Edwin Markham, in his poem Outwitted, celebrates the victory of inclusion over exclusion, of love over hate, name calling and oppression. Musician: Jackson Froman.

February 10 Open Your Hearts

St. Valentine’s Day is advertised as a day for love between two people… spouses, perhaps other relatives. When I was in elementary school we would make valentines for everybody in the class, whether we liked them or not. How wide can you open your heart … read more.

November 25 Hope for the Homeless

Is homelessness a choice? Is panhandling wrong? Does it intrude? Should we give, or are we taken advantage of? How should we act? Dr. Cristopher Taylor, director of The Upper Room of Erie, will share his thoughts. Leigh Kostis, Service Coordinator. Musician: Jackson Froman

May 20 Life on the Margins

In Fr. Gregory Boyle’s new book, Barking to the Choir, he invites us to “find kinship with one another and reconvinces us all of our own goodness.”
We will recognize our Religious Education teachers this morning.

Musician: Jackson Froman.