Topic: Community

October 13 Annual Joint Service

This year, UUCE will host our neighbors from Girard. Dale McBrier, a lay minister at UU Girard, will speak on: “DONT LET THE WORLD STEAL YOUR HEART” Rev. Charlie will assist, Jackson Froman and the UUCE Choir will provide music.

September 15 Intentions and Actions

 Rev. Charlie and the UUCE Elected Board Members join in a reflection on our congregation’s intentions for the next year.  We will begin Religious Education classes by blessing the hands of our teachers.

We follow the service with conversations on the many ways you can become … read more.

March 24 East Africa: A Study in Positive Thinking

Kelly Armor likes to say she went to study traditional music in East Africa because she was “a frustrated classical flute player looking for an alternative.” She lived with families in Kenya and Tanzania from 1986-1988 and learned the songs, culture,  and the Swahili language.  … read more.

February 10 Open Your Hearts

St. Valentine’s Day is advertised as a day for love between two people… spouses, perhaps other relatives. When I was in elementary school we would make valentines for everybody in the class, whether we liked them or not. How wide can you open your heart … read more.