Speaker: Rev. Charlie Dieterich

February 17 We Drew a Circle

This month’s theme, “Inclusion” is bigger than acceptance, bigger than welcome. Edwin Markham, in his poem Outwitted, celebrates the victory of inclusion over exclusion, of love over hate, name calling and oppression. Musician: Jackson Froman.

February 10 Open Your Hearts

St. Valentine’s Day is advertised as a day for love between two people… spouses, perhaps other relatives. When I was in elementary school we would make valentines for everybody in the class, whether we liked them or not. How wide can you open your heart … read more.

December 24 Christmas Eve

Start your holiday with community. We will sing and listen and share sweets, with anthems and readings. Stay for the reception.

Please bring one or two dozen cookies to share if you are able. 

December 23 Whose Holiday Is It?

Christmas comes once a year and it seems everyone is celebrating. How have Unitarians and Universalists contributed to the general festivities? Our choir sings carols and songs of joy. Musician: Jackson Froman.

November 18 The Bounty of Life

We gather together in joyous thanksgiving each year. Or we take time to reflect on those who were left out of Massasoit’s first feast. How can we celebrate mindfully? Come hear the choir and help make sandwiches Speaker: Rev. Charlie. Musician: Jackson Froman.

October 21 Trust and Verification

In a society where trust has been violated, you can’t simply say “oops!” How do we go forward, building trust in our institutions and each other? Come, hear the choir sing! Make sandwiches after the service!