Speaker: Rev. Charlie Dieterich

January 19 Prayers of MLK

Dr. King worked to create connections in the civil rights movement, and he used prayer to connect with God.  What can we, as Unitarian Universalists learn from another time,  another tradition and another struggle?  Musician:  Jackson Froman.

November 24 Thanksgiving

Thursday is a holiday thanks to Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale, and thanks to a web of historical events, legends and partial histories.  To what extent are we bound to our past?  We gather together to contemplate the holiday season.   Jackson will play

September 15 Intentions and Actions

 Rev. Charlie and the UUCE Elected Board Members join in a reflection on our congregation’s intentions for the next year.  We will begin Religious Education classes by blessing the hands of our teachers.

We follow the service with conversations on the many ways you can become … read more.

September 8 Water Ingathering

An all-ages celebration.  Our monthly theme of “Intentions” will energize the story of the original “Water Ceremony” and learn how a hymn can change the world.  Everyone is invited to gather water from an important water source in their lives– the sink at Grandma’s nursing … read more.