Our Erie: A Story of Hope and Determination and Participation in History

Grit. Determination. Fortitude. A willingness to look back to see more clearly ahead. A desire to participate in history.  No doubt, our Erie has faced great adversity, but Erie residents are working toward a bright future. And outsiders are taking note:  “There are so many elements in place to help this town move forward,” Deborah Fallows, co-author of Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, said of Erie. “It’s not just a dream, but it’s a dream with steps along the way that are actually being realized and taken.”  “We don’t need to travel farther than Erie, Pennsylvania to see that grand things are possible and that cities can leverage their distinctive advantages,” wrote Bruce Katz and co-author, the late Jeremy Nowak, wrote in The New Localism.  There is still much canvas to adorn, much open water to sail, faces to reveal, and growth to foster. For one another, for future generations, for Erie, we proudly proclaim, this is Our Erie.

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