Monthly Listening and Reflecting gatherings have been held in the past and could be resumed if there is interest.  

Gatherings begin with a brief opening ceremony to center ourselves in a space of covenant and confidentiality, ground ourselves in Unitarian Universalist principles, and invite awareness of our natural world. Seated in a circle, and proceeding clockwise around the circle, we individually read aloud the words of people, ancient or contemporary, expressing notions or inspiring questions that might resonate in our own lives. We allow time to absorb the words and connect them to our own lives. Going around the circle clockwise again, we speak aloud our memories and emotions and thoughts that arise from consideration of the words.  If time permits, we have a third round of deeper and connected reflection.

The opportunity to speak one at a time, not in discussion or debate, but with the respectful attention of others, is a rare gift. Because our thoughts and emotions are sacred, we attend with the understanding that they will not be repeated outside the gathering.