The Connect Team goal is to improve satisfaction with Sunday services. On the way to achieving that goal, the team coordinated an effort to add a flat screen visual system to our already existing audio system. Generous donations from congregants supplemented by a chalice lighter grant enabled the purchase of two screens, the software to control the projection, and a laptop computer. Members of the congregation applied their expertise and did the research needed to select components which fit our needs in a cost-effective manner.

We work to keep our website current, thanks to the adventurous spirit of congregants with some computer knowledge. We customized a WordPress theme developed by the Unitarian Univeralist Association Outreach Team and drew on model sites of other UU churches. Specific pages on the site are designed to inform members and potential visitors about sermon topics, guest speakers, and special events. The web site continues to evolve as we gain experience.

Members of the Connect Team serve as part of the Sunday Services committee.