It is our 30th Annual Yard Sale!!



The annual Garage Sale is our most intensive person-power project. We transform the sanctuary, the Olympia Brown room, the classrooms, and the lawn into showrooms.

            We filled the church and adjacent lawn with hundred of usable items donated by relatives, friends, neighbors, and ourselves.  Over 800 shoppers browsed and bought on Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16.  By Sunday morning the clean-up crew (many of whom had worked the sale the previous week) had restored the sanctuary for the Sunday service.  During the following week organizer Lynne Stephens coordinated the distribution of leftovers to local organizations for gifting to their clients.  Thank you, co-chairs Lynne and Annette Krusewicz, kitchen queens Ginny Sabol and Lynne Brown, snack bar hostesses, tool guy Howard Krack, princess Barb, bookstore guru Leigh Kostis, all the carryout-crew, all the sales reps, all the cashiers, all the set-up crew, all the department organizers, all the people who brought in food for workers, Rosann Barker for a complete turkey dinner for the helpers on Thursday frantic evening, the traffic directors Doug Russell and Brian Hed and others.  Lynne Stephens has lists of the many people who helped to make the sale a success, about half of our congregation, way more than are named here – thanks to you all!