It is our 30th Annual Yard Sale!!



The annual Yard Sale is our most intensive person-power project. We transform the sanctuary, the Olympia Brown room, the classrooms, and the lawn into showrooms.

            We will fill the church and adjacent lawn with hundreds of usable items donated by relatives, friends, neighbors, and ourselves.  We will welcome hundreds of shoppers.  Donations will come in on Sunday, June 9, through Wednesday, June 12. Set-up for the 2019 sale will begin after the service on Sunday until 3:00,  and will resume at 5:00.  On Monday through Wednesday the building will be open for moving items to departments  from noon until 9:00. 

Donations  will only be accepted until Wednesday evening; Thursday hours, noon until 9:00, are reserved for pricing the inventory.  Bake sale goods are the only donations that should be brought in on Thursday. 

Workers (that’s us) come in at 7:00 AM Friday to make final preparations and open the doors to customers at 9:00 AM.  At 2:00 PM customers depart and we re-organize for the 9:00 AM Saturday opening. 

Clean-up workers start their work 2:00, boxing and organizing leftovers, cleaning, and re-setting the sanctuary. 

Each set-up day will require at least a dozen workers, and each sale day will need over thirty.  The clean-up on Saturday afternoon is best done by about a dozen muscular and agile folks who are not tired out from working the set-up and sale.   During the sale, work will include helping customers in the departments, carry-out, directing parking lot traffic, entry, snack bar service, bake sale, checkers adding up item cost totals, and cashiers. 

Your commitment will make this major fund-raiser succeed.  Detailed sign-up forms are on a table in the Olympia Brown room, near the sanctuary entrance. 

During set-up, a build-your-own-sandwich / salad bar will be open in the kitchen and beverages will be provided.  Lunch during the sale is provided. 

If you have no way to bring sale donations to the church, let Annette know and she will arrange pick-up.  We will not be accepting donations of furniture or sporting goods larger than what one person can carry.  Also not acceptable are text books, stuffed toys, and opened cosmetics. 

Watch the weekly email news and the Beacon for more details and reminders.