Fred Herta PeggyOne of the best ways to connect with our congregation is to share your skills and talents.  The opportunities for service and community are endless.

If you like, or are interested in:

Singing or playing an instrument – join with musicians and singers who regularly enhance our Sunday services – or go solo!  Talk with members of the Sunday Services Committee about opportunities, or with anyone you see up front with an instrument or singing

Art or computer graphics – design flyers for events or slides for Sunday services

Buddhist practice – become part of the Sangha

Children and Youth – join our Religious Education team or help in the classroom or nursery

Choir – Sing with us – add  your voice to the growing UUCE Choir directed by all-round musical talent Pat Lorei

Cooking – prepare food for social hour or to sell at the service auction, help in the kitchen on potluck Sundays (first Sunday September through May).

Crafts – make something to sell at the service auction, or teach a craft in a class

Environmental work – join the Green Sanctuary Teamgarden-work

Fundraising – help with the Service Auction, Pancake Breakfast, or any of our various fundraising activities.

Gardening – help with lawn maintenance or join the Memorial Garden committee

Handyperson work – help with fix-up projects around the church, join the Building and Grounds committee

Helping people – visit the homebound or help folks recuperating from an illness, send cards, provide transportation, join the Caring Team

Hiking or cycling – ask around, you’ll find plenty of folks to walk or ride with

Interior decorating – give us some ideas to make our church more attractive or help with projects

Social justice – become a part of the congregation at community events, join the Act Team, coordinate a Marketplace of the Mind hour

howard-and-john-at-sound-system-altSound system – learn how to operate the components of the audio-visual system for Sunday services