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Aesthetics and Gifts Policy

The UUCE mission is to be a vibrant and inclusive religious community.

We INSPIRE personal and spiritual growth. We CONNECT in fellowship and service. We ACT for Peace and Justice

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The general aesthetics of the building and all non-monetary gifts are managed by the Aesthetics Team, a subcommittee of the Building and Grounds Committee. The team is open to any UUErie member. It is the responsibility of the Aesthetics Team to focus on the direct care of the building’s interior, with the exception of the minister’s office.  As such it is the responsibility of the team to direct:

  • Updating of décor to include: paint, window coverings, floor coverings, lighting, general furniture arrangement
  • Arrangement and organization of storage areas
  • Acceptance and decisions regarding non-monetary gifts to the congregation to include art and furniture.

All requests or suggestions for alterations or offers of non-monetary gifts should be directed to the Aesthetics Team chair as indicated on BEFORE any alterations are made or any donated items are brought into the building. The team chair will direct the offer or suggestion to the appropriate person or group including RE Director for donations to the RE program, hospitality chair for donations to the kitchen, and the Aesthetics Team for general décor, art or furniture donation offers. 

Receipt of Non-Monetary Gifts to the Congregation

Art objects and other items in the building should have a relation to the history, mission, vision and principles of the UUErie specially or Unitarian Universalism in general. The Aesthetics Team may designate an area of the building for art to be exhibited temporarily. The works on display, as well as the length of the display, will be determined by the team. 

The donor understands that donated items become the property of UUErie, which is under no obligation to keep the items, and may donate, sell, or dispose of them as the committee sees fit. The donor may indicate a return of the item if not deemed to be of use to the congregation.

The mission of the Aesthetics Team is to provide a welcoming, inspirational, functional, and clean space to live out our UUErie mission. The team will provide a recommendation to the board of Trustees from a minimum of three Aesthetics Team members regarding the evaluation of the appropriateness and usefulness of the suggestion, request or donated item for larger projects or direct to the donor for smaller items, in a timely manner. 


Adopted January 2023