Why I am a UU

I was raised a Christian and was not disgruntled or unhappy during my Christian years; however, I was always questioning the main tenants of the faith. Gradually my questions led to my rejection of a “one answer fits all” approach to religion. I believe that everyone has the right to explore faith issues and come to a personal understanding of belief, or non-belief. While this exploration can be done individually, I believe that it is best done in a caring community that supports and encourages questioning. Unitarian Universalism has definitely filled this desire for community for me. I have been able to seek answers, share my exploration, and change my mind often over time. During my 30 years at the UU Congregation of Erie I have found a community that not only explores religious questions, but works to put “faith in action” by supporting programs of social justice. The people of this community have become my “soft place to fall” when times are tough, as well as the people I celebrate with during the joyous times of life. I was blessed to raise my son at the UUCE, and hope to have my grandson here in the future. Our seven UU principles, as well as our vision, mission and covenant statements, guide my relationships and actions in the world. I am grateful for and proud of our liberal religious faith and the role it takes in my life.