Our Mission

Our mission is to be a vibrant and inclusive religious community:

  • We INSPIRE personal and spiritual growth.
  • We CONNECT in fellowship and service.
  • We ACT for peace and justice.

Our four mission teams INSPIRE, CONNECT, ACT and GREEN SANCTUARY complete tasks each year dedicated to accomplishing mission goals.

Our Vision

  • Share the wisdom of our guiding principles and nurture all who come seeking personal and spiritual growth.
  • Be a welcoming, inclusive, and expanding religious congregation with diverse ideas and beliefs reflected in our services and programs.
  • Establish ourselves as a strong presence in the region through greater community engagement.


Our Covenant

*Covenant to promote a culture of compassion and acceptance in our relations with each other.
*Promise to listen with intent to understand and to communicate in an honest and respectful manner, even when we disagree.
*Acknowledge that conflict is an opportunity for growth.