December 21 Winter Solstice 6 p.m. 

Across time and cultures, people have honored the day of shortest light and celebrated the rebirth of the unconquered sun. ​We will do likewise, with fire, word, song​, and a labyrinth. Dress for the weather, as we will be both indoors and out. ​Bring … read more.

Quaker Service

We will meet with the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers in our sanctu-ary. Members of their congregation will join us for a combined Quaker – UU service. Meeting for Worship: The community gathers together in a waiting, expectant frame of spirit. Worship is silent, … read more.

Flower Communion

Our traditional service of flower sharing and reflection will provide a peaceful interlude before we kick off our annual garage sale week!

Please bring one or two flowers to the service.

Musicians: Lin Lang Su, James Pearson, Hannah and Rebecca Olanrewaju.

April 17 – “Holding the Dream”

Susan Galle-Boyko and Edie Cultu will explore spirituality through kinesthetic learning. We are also finalizing the children’s liturgical roles for the Earth Day Service. Leigh Kostis and Doug Russell will continue their monthly ethics discussion and UU value system with the teens.

Musicians: Janet Krack, Bryan … read more.