June 18 Words of Our Forefathers

On this Father’s Day, our service will highlight some of the historical influences of three preeminent voices in Unitarian Universalism – Emerson, Channing, and Parker. How does their thinking continue to influence our faith today?

Pictures of fathers that are submitted by June … read more.

January 7 New Orleans Jazz Funeral

Join us as we “cut the year loose” New Orleans style! It’s a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to grieve and a time to dance. We’ll make a joyful noise, and parade around as part of the “second … read more.

Somewhere, Daffodils are Waking

Each of our lives has been or will be touched by loss. This morning’s service is one of remembering and celebrating loved ones who have died. In a spirit of gratitude, we will celebrate their lives and legacies, remembering what they meant to us. There will be candles to light in their memory, and daffodil bulbs to take home and plant as a nod to beauty and life yet to come. As Rev. Edward Searl so eloquently writes, “These are the days of memory, of reflection, of affirmation. It has always been so for our kind, after the leaves have fallen.

Rev. Beth Marshall
Musician: Jackson Froman

Religious Education

For the RE school age program:  Susan Galle-Boyko, Lynne Brown, and Deb Haire are reviewing sources and principles as a preparation for Chalica. Chalica is our yearly holiday celebration of UU traditions. This service will fall on December 11. We will also discuss the Guest at Your Table social justice program which runs also during this time of year.