Rev. Beth Marshall

June 11 We, Like the Flowers are Many. We, Like the Flowers, are One.

Speakers: Rev. Beth Marshall and the 2017 Coming of Age Class Today’s service weaves together two uniquely Unitarian Universalist elements: Coming of Age and the Flower Communion. The Coming of Age celebration honors the work our youth have this year and gives the congregation an opportunity to hear their personal statements of faith. Ninety-five years … Continued

April 16 The Courage to Rise

Speaker: Rev. Beth Marshall In a season marked by rebirth in many forms, this morning’s service will explore the familiar and primitive pull toward reinvention, rebirth and a new beginning . Musician: Jackson Froman.

March 19 From Whence We Come

The arc of our faith is marked by the prophetic words and actions of courageous men and women. Their stories resonate with the kind of courage and determination that we can draw upon today. Also, pledge return Sunday! Musician: Jackson Froman. In the school age classroom, Susan Galle-Boyko and Kat Wolper present part two of … Continued

March 12 Shining Our Beacon Stewardship Sunday

Rev. Beth Marshall This morning’s service celebrates the congregation’s place and future as a voice and anchor for progressive religion in Erie. Musicians: Jackson Froman, UUCE Choir, Bryan and the Sangha Sisters. In the school age classroom, Lynne Brown will will host a lesson on our theme, Mind, Body, and Spirit assisted by Deb Haire and … Continued

January 22: Embracing the Exile

Rev. Beth Marshall Worship Associate: Annette Krusewicz Many believe that we are living in a time where marginalized individuals are at greater risk than ever before. This morning’s service is in part inspired by the haunting questions asked by Ysaye M. Barnwell in her song, “Would You Harbor Me?”. Her questions are particularly appropriate as … Continued

January 15: Dreams Undaunted

Rev. Beth Marshall Worship Associate: Al Richardson On a weekend dedicated to so many dreams not yet fully achieved, our worship service will reflect on what some of those older dreams looked like, the great strides we have made, and what might yet be done to bring them closer to fruition. Musician: Jackson Froman. In … Continued

Somewhere, Daffodils are Waking

Each of our lives has been or will be touched by loss. This morning’s service is one of remembering and celebrating loved ones who have died. In a spirit of gratitude, we will celebrate their lives and legacies, remembering what they meant to us. There will be candles to light in their memory, and daffodil bulbs to take home and plant as a nod to beauty and life yet to come. As Rev. Edward Searl so eloquently writes, “These are the days of memory, of reflection, of affirmation. It has always been so for our kind, after the leaves have fallen.

Rev. Beth Marshall
Musician: Jackson Froman

Religious Education

For the RE school age program:  Susan Galle-Boyko, Lynne Brown, and Deb Haire are reviewing sources and principles as a preparation for Chalica. Chalica is our yearly holiday celebration of UU traditions. This service will fall on December 11. We will also discuss the Guest at Your Table social justice program which runs also during this time of year. 

Voices of Wisdom

Rev. Beth Marshall will discuss the idea that part of being socially responsible in a diverse community is developing an awareness of the common ground we share with members of different faith communities. This morning’s service draws upon parallel sacred texts from the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Taoist traditions, looking first at very similar texts … Continued

Building Cathedrals

The history of humanity is marked by communities who make long term commitments in order to build something of value for the generations who follow. Our Unitarian Universalist tradition is built upon a foundation, not of stone, but of clear principles, each of which points toward a bright and dynamic future.