Rev. Beth Marshall

February 18 Out of the Mouths of Fools

Imbedded in many religious traditions is the presence of a holy fool, a trickster, a jester, the one who humorously asks that we take what we think we know and turn it upside down, seeing what else we might learn. Musician: Jackson Froman. Worship Associate: Siegrid Tuttle

February 11 Beneath the Masks, Beyond the Beads

This morning’s service delves into the history of Mardi Gras and how those same influences can be seen as a means to make the season of Lent meaningful to modern Unitarian Universalists. Laissez le bon temps roulez! Musician: Jackson Froman. Worship Associate: Annette Krusewicz.

December 17 Stages of Santa

What happens when we take a very familiar seasonal story and look at it through different sets of eyes, from different stages of spiritual development, deepening our understanding as gain experience and wisdom? Musician: Jackson Froman.

December 10 Windows on Compassion

This morning’s service draws upon lesser-known holiday stories that touch the heart and speak to the transforming power of love and compassion, which are key elements in any message of the holiday season. Musician: Jackson Froman.

November 12 An Abundance of Blessings

There is an old saying that goes something like: “The butterfly counts not days, but moments, and has time enough.” Those lines call us to search out and cherish today’s blessings. This morning’s service will celebrate those blessings – large and small. Musician: Jackson Froman.

October 15   It’s a Horse of a Different Color

While our history is in part, defined by those who held beliefs which run contrary to the mainstream, our present is also defined by those willing to articulate their faith in new ways. While we may occasionally misstep, modern voices are moving us toward a more inclusive, expansive faith. Musician: Jackson Froman and UUCE Choir

October 8 You say “heretic” like it’s a bad thing?

There is something about being called a heretic that helps crystalize one’s faith. What happens when the term is worn as a badge of honor, rather than an insult? Musician: Candace Williams,  French Horn

September 17 More Justice, More Peace

This morning’s service will explore some of the ways in which working toward peace is only possible through work toward justice. Musician: Jackson Froman

September 10: Just Water

On this Homecoming Sunday, our intergenerational service will focus on the essential nature of clean water across the planet. Please remember to bring with you a small sample of water from your family’s experiences this summer – from Lake Erie, the garden hose, the kitchen faucet or someplace farther away. Musician: Jackson Froman