July 23 A Sunday with Three Options

Option Number One: ServErie is organizing a 3-day work party to revitalize Erie High School (formerly Central Tech). Thousands of volunteers from Erie area churches and civic organizations will volunteer to paint, replace and repair doors and tiles, landscape, clean, and other projects, to prepare the school for the students and teachers who will report to their new school in August. Our “service” this morning is an opportunity to “serve” in our community. We will be working as a group this Sunday from 9:00-1:00. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome to join us. Volunteers are to register at serverie.com/project-details. Contact Leigh Kostis (lwko@roadrunner.com) or Al Richardson (asrjr@aol.com) for further information or to signup. Be sure to sign up as Other: Unitarian Universalist Congregation. This will assist organizers to put us together as a group if possible.

Option Number Two: For those unable to do volunteer work with ServErie, Jim Wise will facilitate a discussion of UU ideas and values.

Option Number Three: Parents of school-age students are encouraged to attend a discussion session with RE Director, Sue Galle-Boyko, in the church library. Sue will focus on the curriculum for the upcoming church year and other ideas to expand the RE programs for families. The upcoming middle school program teaching team will be present. Classes and nursery services are provided so that parents are free to attend this discussion session.