Getting The Best In Us To Rise

Since the beginning of time, families and friends have gathered and shared food — around a fire,  on a rug or woven mat, seated on floor pillows , or at a table with chairs. The meal might be a crust of  bread and a piece of cheese;  it might be a meal of meat, potatoes and vegetables.  Or, the meal  might be a few bites of rice,  a bowl of soup, or pizza out of a box. What is important is gathering together and renewing those valuable connections.   In this service, we will explore the history of communion in Unitarian Universalism, and some of the ways it is celebrated in our modern congregations. And, there will be bread to share (with a gluten option available).

Musician: Jackson Froman.

For the RE school age program, students will be assigned their part in the Chalica service.  IF CHILDREN WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS SERVICE, THEY MUST ATTEND THIS CLASS and be present on Dec 4 for practice and Dec 11 for the service. This is a three-class commitment for students.  Very important!  Susan Galle-Boyko, Deb DiPlacido, Sarah Fromknect, and Kat Wolper will be in the classroom.  For the teen Coming of Age program, John Galle-Boyko and Melanie Hetzel-Riggin will complete the second half of the Credos lesson.