February 5 “The Myth of White Innocence”

This service will look at race from the notion of the myth of white innocence. This was described in Rev. Bill Sinkford’s sermon at General Assembly, and in his article in the UUA World Magazine. The service leaders, Mary Desmone and Dave Szymanowski, will share their personal journeys on this topic. The service will also include a few brief video presentations.

Children’s Religious Education: Melanie Hetzel- Riggin, Abby Texter, and Edie Cultu will host the “Souper Bowl” with the school age children, weighing our congregation’s food donation to the Millcreek Pantry. Congregants should bring their food donations directly to Classroom B. Leigh Kostis and Doug Russell will begin Unit 5 with UU and Theology with the Coming of Age program.