For any of you who would like to follow up on the topic of “Do the Genes Still Fit?” check out lectures on YouTube by Johannes Krause, Jonathan Haidt, Svante Paabo, John Hawks, Robert McCrae and Oliver P. John,  Genevieve von Petzinger.  Also the videos with titles:  Ancient DNA and Human Evolution; DNA Genesis – the Children of Adam; National Geographic – the Genographic Project;  Deciphering the World’s Oldest Rule Book,.  One will lead to another and another and another….


More than 800 preople shopped at our 29th annual garage sale on June 15 and 16.  Many thanks to co-chairpersons Lynne Stevens and Annette Krusewicz, the department leaders and volunteers who organized and priced the items, assisted shoppers, and cleaned and restored the rooms after the sale, the kitchen volunteers and the folks who provided food for workers.  Thanks also to the many donors of items that will be put to good use by new owners.  Left-over items are being given to charitable organizations for distribution to their clients.


  Rev. Beth Marshall  completed her interim ministry on June 17, leaving us with vision for the future and good memories.  We wish her well!  


Rev. Charlie Dieterich will join us in August.


The mortgage which was paid off last year was ceremonially shredded during Sunday service on June 17.


Ministerial  search committee members and outgoing board members were recognized during the Sunday service on June 17.


The Kitchen needs oven-bakers – baking dishes for use in conventional oven and nothing else!  In fact, the kitchen will be donating some flatware to the garage sale.



The teens completed their religious education year with a Sunday service on June 3 demonstrating their mastery of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers.  Gratitude to mentors including Mary Desmone, John Galle-Boyko, Doug Russell, and Drector of Religious Education Susan Galle-Boyko.


Resolution supporting common sense gun regulations  was approved at the  SundayJune 3rd, Special Meeting.


Thanks to all who are making the kitchen experience quicker and more organized and therefore easier!  Also to those who jump in when the crew-for-the-day is short-handed.