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More than a hundred people attended the forum on How to Avoid the School-to-Prison Pipeline January 15, 2019, at the Erie East Middle School Auditorium.  We were one of thirteen co-sponsors of this forum.

Adult Education Committee members Al Richardson and Mary Desmone along with our community members, Art Leopold and Margaret Watts, have been studying causes and impact of mass incarceration.  Their goal is to educate themselves and the community about the “school-to-prison pipeline”.  From that goal came this forum, How to Avoid the School-to-Prison Pipeline.   Al Richardson has posted on our Facebook page a link to an article by Ken Leonardi in Go Erie posted Jan. 15, 2019, that presents the highlights of the forum.


Sources for Kat Wolper’s August 12 poetry service:Things

The Essential Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks “The Question” & “No Room for Form” Naomi Shihab Nye “Kindness” KS Wolper “Kaleidoscope God” “Exoskeleton” “Eternal Things” “Swooning” “Final Word” All unpublished, but further works can be found at

Readings for the July 29  Listening and Reflecting service were from 1) A Heart as Wide as the World, by Sharon Salzberg , 2) S

For any of you who would like to follow up on the topic of “Do the Genes Still Fit?” check out lectures on YouTube by Johannes Krause, Jonathan Haidt, Svante Paabo, John Hawks, Robert McCrae and Oliver P. John,  Genevieve von Petzinger.  Also the videos with titles:  Ancient DNA and Human Evolution; DNA Genesis – the Children of Adam; National Geographic – the Genographic Project;  Deciphering the World’s Oldest Rule Book,.  One will lead to another and another and another….


More than 800 people shopped at our 29th annual garage sale on June 15 and 16.  Many thanks to co-chairpersons Lynne Stevens and Annette Krusewicz, the department leaders and volunteers who organized and priced the items, assisted shoppers, and cleaned and restored the rooms after the sale, the kitchen volunteers and the folks who provided food for workers.  Thanks also to the many donors of items that will be put to good use by new owners.  Left-over items are being given to charitable organizations for distribution to their clients.


The Kitchen has its own page now.  Click on the button near the bottom of the home page for all the information you need about potluck and social hour and how to find things and how to operate the appliances.