Friday Morning Adult RE

Owning our Religious Past – 10:30 a.m. – Olympia Brown Room

March 16, April 20, May 18, June 15

This workshop provides some simple tools through which people may reexamine and retrieve positive aspects of past religious connections. It addresses the affective elements of these connections, rather than dogma. The workshop is designed to provide both group sharing and private exploration, using journal writing exercises.

There is a sign-up sheet outside of Rev. Beth’s office door, please add your name if you are interested. (6 person minimum)

Listening & Reflecting Sundays

The monthly Listening and Reflecting gathering happens on the second Sunday of each month at 12:15 in the sanctuary.

We begin with a brief opening ceremony to center ourselves in a space of covenant and confidentiality, ground ourselves in Unitarian Universalist principles, and invite awareness of our natural world. Seated in a circle, and proceeding clockwise around the circle, we individually read aloud the words of people, ancient or contemporary, expressing notions or inspiring questions that might resonate in our own lives. We allow time to absorb the words and connect them to our own lives. Going around the circle clockwise again, we speak aloud our memories and emotions and thoughts that arise from consideration of the words. If time permits, we have a third round of deeper and connected reflection.

The opportunity to speak one at a time, not in discussion or debate, but with the respectful attention of others, is a rare gift. Because our time together is sacred, we ask that you arrive and be seated on time. Because our thoughts and emotions are sacred, we attend with the understanding that they will not be repeated outside the gathering.

Marketplace of the Mind

Marketplace of the Mind is an occasional program with a wide variety of topics, providing a wealth of ideas shared by powerful speakers in a format that allows for discussion and ongoing conversation.

Recently Adult Ed met to discuss race. We used three books as reference materials: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  If you have questions call Jim Wise 814-796-3115.

Following are some topics that have been covered in the past.

  • The Afterlife (Or Not)
  • Let’s Talk About Faith
  • Exploration of Morals
  • Universal Healthcare Impact
  • Fracking

Adult RE Books

We have concluded our study of the book Moral Ground.

We are considering meeting to read and discuss The Book of Joy/Lasting Happiness in a Changing World.
This is the book by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu that was introduced in the service “Choosing Joy”.

If anyone has an interest, please email Liz Yount at