28th Annual Yard Sale
Come one, come all and be a part of our largest and longest-running fund-raising effort. There’s something for everyone to do during setup week (June 11-15) and on Sale days (June 16-17). It’s our annual “all hands on deck” week-long party, and everyone’s enthusiastically invited! It wouldn’t be a party without YOU! Let’s make this our biggest and best yard sale!
As ever the wonderful Coming of Age Service and special social hour on Sunday, June 11, we’ll take a break and return at 4:00 PM to clear out the sale rooms – putting away our “church” stuff , setting up shelves and tables, and stacking chairs around the walls of the Sanctuary.
As you do your seasonal change-over of “stuff ” …STOP!! Don’t throw it away!! If you have something that can be donated to our GARAGE SALE, we’ll take it! Clean it, box it, bag it, tag it – we’ll take it beginning June 12. If you absolutely can’t store it until then, contact one of volunteers in your area: Candace W (Erie City), Mary S (west side), Marcella S (Fairview) all of whom have space in their garages. Larger items can be stored in the trailer. Contact Joanne Davis 864-9300, Mary Desmone, or Lynne Stephens to set up a time to bring items for the trailer.
The church will be open from Monday to Thursday (mornings 9-12 and evenings 6-9). We’ll collect and accept item donations from Monday morning to Thursday at noon to sort and display. Thursday morning, we will begin to price the treasures and finish by the end of the evening shift. What great treasures will we find this year!
To ease our minds and help us coordinate, please fill out a volunteer sign-up sheet and come party with us as often as you can – there will be lots of laughter, food, fun, financial gain for the budget and outreach support to the community. We accept new or gently used items, antiques, and collectables, all cleaned and ready to sell. We accept almost anything: furniture, clothing, toys, household items, kitchen gadgets, big and small appliances, holiday decortions (no Christmas trees), blankets, pet supplies, sporting goods, suitcases, jewelry, books, CD/DVD’s, yard tools, gardening stuff, plants, etc.!!! (No non-flat screen TV’s or computer monitors). Pick-up of large items is available, if necessary on Monday June 12 during the day. See the Garage Sale information table in the Olympia Brown Room for sign-up sheets & more details. Contact Lynne Stephens or Mary Desmone for further questions. We look forward to partying with YOU!

Food, Food, Glorious Food! Yard Sale Time Is Here!
Food is good and tastes delicious,
Keeps you healthy, it’s nutritious.
Food will also help you grow,
Make you strong, when you throw.

Each year during the yard sale set up we provide food for the people who are working. We need volunteers to donate food. We ask that the food arrive around 5:30 or 6:00. I estimate food for about 20 to 25 workers. Several people may work together to donate the dinners.  Please contact Ginny so that she can coordinate the schedule.

Sunday, June 11, we’ll have pizza. Roseanne B is donating food on Thursday, June 15. I will donate food Friday, June 16 and Saturday is “eat the leftovers day.” We still need food donations for June 12, 13, and 14.
If you have any questions or need ideas, please get in touch with me.  Thanks in advance for your help.