December 10 Windows on Compassion

This morning’s service draws upon lesser-known holiday stories that touch the heart and speak to the transforming power of love and compassion, which are key elements in any message of the holiday season. Musician: Jackson Froman.

December 3 Chalica

This is a multi-generational service prepared and directed by our Religious Education School Age program. Chalica is a holiday celebrated by Unitarian Universalists during the month of December. Each of our Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism is celebrated and a candle lit. Please come and celebrate our Principles and Sources with us on this holiday … Continued

November 26 Abundance

A video sermon by Rev. Angela Herrera, First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, NM Is abundance only defined as having as much of something as you could possibly want? Do we have a myth about scarcity? Leigh Kostis, Service Coordinator. Musician: Jackson Froman

November 19 Abundantly Wise

Our elders have within them an abundance of wisdom and power to share with the community. This morning’s service celebrates that wisdom, and includes a special “One-time Only Women’s Choir” singing Holly Near’s “ One Thousand Grandmothers.” During this service, we will also share bread, symbolizing the abundance of our community. Please feel free to … Continued

November 12 An Abundance of Blessings

There is an old saying that goes something like: “The butterfly counts not days, but moments, and has time enough.” Those lines call us to search out and cherish today’s blessings. This morning’s service will celebrate those blessings – large and small. Musician: Jackson Froman.

November 5 Who are Unitarian Universalist Christians?

In a world with an abundance of vastly different people, U.U. Christians walk the middle road. Part heretic, part Christian, – they are a unique blend of believers who separate the wheat from the chaff, and live in harmony with those of differing faiths. Musicians: James Pearson, Lin Lang Su, Hannah Olenrewaju

October 22 Arianism and Docetism

Two ancient, early Christian, obscure heresies are on different ends of a spectrum, Arianism and Docetism. Well, perhaps they are not entirely ancient, not uniquely Christian and not entirely irrelevant to spiritual living today. Musician: Jackson Froman

October 15   It’s a Horse of a Different Color

While our history is in part, defined by those who held beliefs which run contrary to the mainstream, our present is also defined by those willing to articulate their faith in new ways. While we may occasionally misstep, modern voices are moving us toward a more inclusive, expansive faith. Musician: Jackson Froman and UUCE Choir

October 8 You say “heretic” like it’s a bad thing?

There is something about being called a heretic that helps crystalize one’s faith. What happens when the term is worn as a badge of honor, rather than an insult? Musician: Candace Williams,  French Horn